The Ghana Football Association wishes to remind all stakeholders that, as provided in the GFA Statutes, one of the core objectives of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is the commitment of the Association to promote and protect the Integrity of football in Ghana.

Having recognize the threat of match manipulation to the integrity of football, the GFA in accordance with the Regulations of the FIFA and the Regulations of the GFA, has adopted an effective and proactive approach to fight against all forms of manipulations and/or the unlawful influencing of football matches in Ghana.

The main principles of the Integrity Initiative are the promotion of integrity and the protection of football matches and competitions. This means protecting football matches and competitions against match manipulations as far as possible and under all circumstances.

As a result, the Compliance & Integrity Unit of the GFA has introduced the integrity hotline, as well as a dedicated e-mail address for staff, match officials, club officials, players, event organizers, supporters and members of the general public to exercise their duty to report any suspicion of match manipulation, on or off the field of play which purports to jeopardize the integrity of matches and competitions organised by the GFA.

All cases of match manipulation and betting by Participants of the game are contrary to the provisions of the GFA Code of Ethics 2019, GFA Premier League Regulations 2019 and the GFA Disciplinary Code 2019.

The GFA reminds participants of the game that the FIFA and GFA Code of Ethics impose duties on participants in football to assist the Association and FIFA in eradicating such ills from the game - the Duty to Disclose and the Duty to Cooperate.

The GFA is committed to investigate all reports of match manipulation(s) and bring the culprits before the Ethics Committee of the Association.The GFA is also committed to report to and assist the Ghana Police Service all such manipulations which violates the criminal laws of Ghana for prosecution.

We hereby remind Staff, Club Officials, Match Officials, Event Organisers, Intermediaries, Supporters and members of the GFA and the public to report Any form of approach or knowledge thereof in connection with potential match manipulation must be reported immediately to the Integrity Unit of the GFA.



Phone: 0593-371-735

WhatsApp: 0593-371-735

Email: [email protected]

*Any information provided shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality and may also choose to be anonymous*