The Muslim Family Counseling Services (MFCS) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1990 to provide information and services on population, reproductive health (Child Marriages, FGM, Family Planning etc), youth empowerment, child health, human rights, education, income generating activities and prevention of (sexual transmission infections (STIs) example HIV & AIDS, gonorrhea, etc within deprived communities in Ghana.
The organizational goal of MFCS is to improve the quality of life of people by working with other agencies in joint efforts to provide the appropriate information and services for socio-cultural transformation.
Most importantly, MFCS seeks to the realization of the full potential and total human development of people in deprived communities. In pursuit of this noble goal, MFCS reaches out to marginalized and deprived persons in deprived communities through participatory community mobilization activities, cultural, capacity building to promote reproductive health, child and maternal health,HIV/AIDS and income generating activities.
For the past 28 good years, Muslim Family Counseling Services (MFCS) have been implementing reproductive health, Immunization, HIV & AIDS, culture, youth development, human rights, gender and Income Generating Activities (IGA) through capacity building in vocational training – sewing, soap making, electrical workshop, etc.

The governance structure of the Muslim Family Counselling Services consists of the Board of Directors, Executive Director, National Programme Director, Regional Programme Managers, Regional Finance and Administrative Officers, Field officers, Secretary and community volunteers.

Decisions on policy direction and programmes are taken by the Board of Directors consisting of highly experienced individuals in various fields of work. The Board of Directors meets at least once every quarter to review the progress made by the organization in various fields and makes recommendations for improved performance.

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive of the organization who has oversight responsibility over the running of the entire organization on daily basis. He is briefed on the progress and activities of the various projects implemented by the organization. He is the link between the Board of Directors and the administrative staff and ensures that decisions taken by the Board are implemented.

The Deputy Executive director who performs an additional responsibility as the National Programmes Director has the oversight responsibility of the regional branches of the organization and ensures that various programme managers execute programmes in accordance with the laid down work plans. He is the director of the regional branches of the organization. He reports the progress of projects to the executive director for comments and recommendation. He is assisted by the National Programme Director who has oversight responsibility over the regional branches and ensures that programmes are implemented according to principles and work plan. He gives updates to the Executive Director.

The Regional Programme Managers develop and implement the programmes of the organization at the local level according to directions laid down by the Board under the supervision and approval of the programmes director. They manage the regional branches of the organization. They are assisted by the Finance and Administrative Officers in the secretariat and the field officers with the field work. The communities volunteers also help undertake programmes at the community level.

Muslim Family Counseling Services believes that donor funded programs are supposed to be accounted for in other to engender trust and good working relationship between the grantor and the grantee. In view of this MFCS has put in place comprehensive financial management procedures which are designed to ensure transparency, accountability and prudent use of funds by strictly towing the line and reporting procedures of donors. MFCS also has in place a Finance Committee which is responsible for auditing and monitoring the use of funds of the organization.

A well-endowed society of men, women and children living in a satisfied environment devoid of Illness, poverty and squalor

MFCS exist to promote Reproductive Health, Human Rights, Child Health, Youth Development, Gender, Population, Prevention of STIs HIV/AIDS, and Provision of Marketable skills to the vulnerable within Deprived Communities in Ghana.